The Story of Spencer

“Yeah, apparently they like the fact that I’m willing to almost kill and mangle myself every round”

Spencer Horsman was born in the entertainment business. Both of his parents, Ken & Mary Horsman, were both former Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus clowns as well as Ronald McDonald for 20 years. Spencer was introduced to magic when he was 4 years old when his father opened his magic shop.

While performing with dad, Spencer started learning ventriloquism at age 8 and at that point started traveling & performing nationwide. A child prodigy at 15, Spencer had already made feature appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Jerry Springer Show, Talk Soup, The Statler Brothers Show as well as performing with David Copperfield & Lance Burton in Las Vegas.

Now at 27, Spencer continues to entertain audiences all over the world with his extremely witty and engaging stage show including a tour of Japan. He has performed for high profile stars including Ray Lewis, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Dan Aykroyd, Neal Patrick Harris, Jason Alexander, Chazz Palminteri, Kenny Ortega & Steve Forbes.


World’s Youngest Escape Artist


America’s Got Talent, Season 7


Illusions Bar and Theater



Illusions Bar and Theater
1025 S. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21230
Friday – Saturday
Please call for reservations: 410-727-5811


 "They said I could grow up to be anything I wanted." So I decided to become a comic book character! New hair for a new look for a new secret project & show I'm involved w/ this summer. Official announcement coming soon! #Selfie #selfiesunday #like #follow #followme #hair #magician #escapeartist #spencerhorsman #superhero #blonde  #motivationmonday Yes easier said than done but a skill very much worth practicing & having.  Happy birthday to my father (it was Friday but waited to celebrate today. Presented cake at the bar post show for the audience last night though)! Tonight official Birthday dinner w dad at Fogo! We can only handle this place once a year. This was Pre dinner tonight. We are currently experiencing some mild food coma after a solid 2 hour meal. Success.  From last night's show at Illusions Magic Bar, post water tank escape. Taken from backstage by my buddy Justin. Had to post. Thanks!  Some warm up crunches below my Jaws of Death during dress rehearsal. Heading on stage shortly. Contestant #8 on France's Got Talent! Here we go!  Past couple days France we have been filming various interviews & B roll footage to create my video package go present prior to my Semi Round Performance on France's Got Talent. This was shot in a crazy expensive condo with an amazing view of the entire city. More photos to come!  At the airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta and ultimately Paris, France to perform in the semi finals of La France a un incroyable talent (France's Got Talent). My audition round aired last night & the viewing audience so far seems to approve. Definitely excited & nervous for my next performance on Tuesday!  #ThrowbackThursday to last Friday. Great surprise having defensive tackle @brandonw_66 from the #Baltimore #Ravens attend my show at #illusionsmagicbar last Friday night (surprise date idea by his gf @alyssawylene)! Thanks for assisting during the show & participanting in some fun post show antics!  Spent this past week in Tuscany, Italy (Lucca, Florence, Pisa) for some work & some vacation since I've never been. Course had to make at least one visit to the famed leaning tower. Beautiful view from the top as well. Have had a fabulous time here. Yes, the food is amazing. Talk about a week of cheat meals. So worth it!  Doing the tourism thing here in beautiful #Paris So far so good. Long night and day of travel but still too excited to sleep. Will need my rest before tomorrow for sure.  #ThrowbackThursday Two shots of me filming The Jaws of Death & Aquaphobia escapes last year in Cali for "Masters of Illusion". The show just started airing 3 weeks ago on The CW Network & features some of the top magicians from around the world up through the end of Sep. Be sure to go to www.cwtv.com to catch the first episode featuring the Jaws. I'll be appearing again on Sep 19th, 8:30pm (EST).  " Don't practice till you get it right. Practice till you don't get out wrong" and then I say keep practicing, improvong, evolving. There's always room for improvement. Sundays. One of my few, sometimes only, day to relax and spend time in my head. Activities of choice: walking around the city/ park & practicing my craft.  Thanks to my dad, I myself am now fairly enthusiastic about #shopping at @CostCo myself. Most of this will be eaten in a week. Nom nom. Not pictured: case of unsweetened almond milk & 10lb box of oats. Haha. Mmm. #cleaneating #eatclean #shredded #veggies #fruit #food #foodporn #colorful #fitness #nom  Many thanks to the "Throwers" working for @Delta airlines coming out of Atlanta to LAX. Only the 2nd trip for this new suitcase. I appreciate the complimentary trash bag. Maybe I can use it for a new magic trick.  Bringing my Steel Straitjacket out of retirement from America's Got Talent. Figured I would have to have it resized some. It appears I will have to have the whole thing re-made. It won't even close but hey, least I know I can be proud of my back and shoulders! #EscapeArtistProblems #SilverLining  Happy #FathersDay to all the fathers out there that have supported & sacrificed for their children. I couldn't ask for a more supportive father (heck, sometimes he could tone it back some. Haha). Even through this past year dealing w/ cancer, you still did everything you could. Love you dad! Thank you! (This is one of my fav pics of him from his days as a #clown in Ringling Bros #Circus circa 1980).  Late night bulb change in front of #illusionsmagicbar. Course I can't do it safely when it's light out (but then I can't tell which bulbs are out). #businessowner  Last dinner ever at @MrRainsFunHouse at @TheAVAM. One of the most unique & best restaurants in Baltimore. Amazing food (dinner & brunch) and craft cocktails. You will be missed! Congrats on the 5 year run!  New Banner/ Promo photo to promote my show & residency here at illusions: magic bar & theater. It's almost life size (I know, not a difficult task to accomplish).  In recognition of Happy Weird Egg Bunny Day, here's a photo to fit. Apparently I was channeling George Burns dressed as a giant rabbit from hat for a magic show with my father at McDonalds (during his Ronald McDonald show days). Circa '95ish.  #selfiesunday "Fitness is not about being better than someone else... It's about being better than you used to be." 1st pic summer 2012. Last time I was on AGT. Decided I've been too skinny my whole life so started going to the gym, but only 2 days a week. Summer 2013 started going 5-6 days a week. 2nd pic: Feb, 20154. 3rd pic: today. #progress #fitness #weighttraining #bodybuilding #health #muscle #shredded #eatclean #ectomorph #hardwork #gym @musclemeds #carnivor #protein  #ThrowBackThursday Yes, that's me with @JerrySpringer Yes, I was on the Jerry Springer Show (before the fights) when I was 10 years old. Segment was called 'Kids with Unusual Talents.' I was there as a ventriloquist along w an Elvis impersonator, stunt kid, magician, duck caller and, wait for it... a teenage girl that claimed she has been reincarnated over 1,000 times. @SpringerTV  "Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others & wishing to be something we aren't. Everybody has their own strengths & weaknesses. And it is only when you accept everything you are - and aren't - that you will truly succeed." (Apologies I don't know who/ what this quote is from). #selfiesunday #selfie  At @RinglingBros #Circus tonight with Dad. Our yearly tradition since I could remember (well usually we go to opening night but we were busy this year as well at visit the train the night before and watch them unload everything at 3am). For those of you still unaware, both of my parents were Ringling Circus Clowns ('77-'81.  Many thanks to Baltimore Ravens' cornerback Lardarius Webb for coming to my first show back at Illusions last night! Great meeting you & Nice surprise after being in Las Vegas for 2 months! @L_Webb21  With my fellow cast members last night before my final show @rivieralasvegas #illusion. I had a great time! Thank you to all those that came to support the show! Hope to be back again soon!  Finally did the whole tourist thing & ventured over to the Pawn Stars' Pawn Shop. No, no one from the show was there. Not even the "old man." Next time!  Hey everyone, Visit www.SpencerHorsman.com to win a pair of tickets to my performance in Vegas at The Riviera Hotel & Casino. Hope to see you there! Also, thanks to my design & marketing team @joinRONIN. #Vegas #Rivierahotel #lasvegas  Great seeing & meeting the hilarious @davidspade & @imkevinfarley the other night at @venetianvegas #epic show!  Fun time last night at @DivasLasVegas at The Quad. Been coming to Vegas for years & first time attending, Fun times! Talk about a show full of "illusions" (sorry, couldn't resist)! Many thanks to cast member @AndrewRyanDiva for getting me in.


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Spencer Horsman

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