The Story of Spencer

“Yeah, apparently they like the fact that I’m willing to almost kill and mangle myself every round”

Spencer Horsman was born in the entertainment business. Both of his parents, Ken & Mary Horsman, were both former Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus clowns as well as Ronald McDonald for 20 years. Spencer was introduced to magic when he was 4 years old when his father opened his magic shop.

While performing with dad, Spencer started learning ventriloquism at age 8 and at that point started traveling & performing nationwide. A child prodigy at 15, Spencer had already made feature appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Jerry Springer Show, Talk Soup, The Statler Brothers Show as well as performing with David Copperfield & Lance Burton in Las Vegas.

Now at 27, Spencer continues to entertain audiences all over the world with his extremely witty and engaging stage show including a tour of Japan. He has performed for high profile stars including Ray Lewis, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Dan Aykroyd, Neal Patrick Harris, Jason Alexander, Chazz Palminteri, Kenny Ortega & Steve Forbes.


World’s Youngest Escape Artist


America’s Got Talent, Season 7


Illusions Bar and Theater



Illusions Bar and Theater
1025 S. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21230
Friday – Saturday
Please call for reservations: 410-727-5811


 Two weeks today since his passing. You are missed more & more every day. It all still doesn't feel or seem real... #clown #dad #father #fatherandson #rip #melanoma #melanomaawareness #fuckcancer #throwbackthursday  10:50am, May 12th, 2016 #RIP #father #dad #melanoma #fuckcancer #fuckmelanoma  #Father #Dad #FuckCancer #JohnsHopkins #Melanoma  I hope everyone was able to share today with family & loved ones along with tons of good feeling & great food. Merry Christmas everyone (and yes I say it to anyone & everyone during this season no matter what religion you are. It's a holiday greeting & isn't meant to offend you. If it offends you feel free to fall down my chimney).  "Don't chase success, whatever that may be. Granted its meaning is different to each & every person yet one thing still rings true- To be successful at anything, one must sacrifice (even sacrifice reads before success in the dictionary). Become the best version of yourself first & then those things will eventually come."  #HappyThanksgiving to all! Hope everyone had a wonderful day - sitting back, being thankful for the friends and/ or family they chose to spend time with & of course hopefully are tons and tons of amazing food!  And that's a wrap! Another successful week with #TheSupernaturalists & #CrissAngel here @foxwoods #casino in #connecticut ! Love the audiences & employees here! Looking forward to returning again in December! This candid was photo taken courtesy of the hilarious Penny Wiggins @ohtototoo during intermission fresh from my water tank). Look close & you can see my mid show snack of choice @nutsnmore_the_brand almond butter. Mmm.  #HappyHalloween ! Unfortunately, due to all going on with my father the last handful of days, I was unable to plan a costume. Instead here's my #escapeartist alto ego from #TheSupernaturalists. Fitting photo comparison since the legendary #HarryHoudini passed away on Halloween night at the age of 52 in 1926.  For those of you unaware: This is a X-Ray of my father's lungs as of this morning (what you see are two EKG monitors on his chest & in his left lung, right in photo, a 2.5ft drainage tube weaved down to the base of his lung). Why? Yesterday morning my father underwent a 3 hour thoracic surgery to remove 2 melanoma cancer spots (one of which was 3cm in size) and the surrounding dead lung tissue from his lower left lung. As some of you may remember, my father was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma 2.5 years ago. After having the initial site & surrounding lymph nodes in his chest cleared via surgery, he was free and clear of any sign of the cancer for 9 months. At the start of 2015 it came back & metastasized in his lungs, 15 spots in total. Stage 4. He began a new trial treatment, Immunotherapy, in March here at Hopkins every 2-3 weeks (the therapy essentially takes the brakes off your immune system & boosts the attacking power of your white bloods cells to combat the cancer themselves). Some people's bodies respond. Some don't. Since dad has always been so healthy, his body responded faster than the doctors anticipated & 12 out of the 15 spots vanished! (Continuation in comments below)  3 shows here with @thesupernaturalistslive at the @PabstTheater in #Milwaukee #Wisconsin Wonderfully enthusiastic audiences. Plus another beautiful theater (this one was built in 1895). Tons of little tunnels & corridors to explore under the stage. Trivia: What famous #magician moved here to Milwaukee when he was 8 years old?  Just wrapped our 3rd and final show here at the historic @TaftTheater in Cincinnati, Ohio with @thesupernaturalistslive (with fellow cast member & the illusionist from the show @landonswank ). Heading out tomorrow morning for Akron!  Time I give this whole #FlexFriday thing a try. Figured I'd throw in some of my #EscapeArtistProblems while I'm at it. Case & Point: Some wonderful bruising & blood pulling due to pushing harder & faster during one of the illusions in #thesupernaturalists but worth it!  Thank you Grand Rapids, Michigan & Devos Performance Hall for 2 fun days hosting The Supernaturalists ! Now headed to Cincinnati!  Down to our final show at the Ohio Theater here in Columbus. Photos don't do this place justice! And yes, they spelt Criss's name wrong on the marquee the night before we opened. Quick fix. Oops.  Thank you to the audiences in Richmond Virginia for attending our performances at the Center Stage Carpenter Theater the last two days! Fun shows & gorgeous venue! Now on a 8 hour bus ride to Columbus Ohio.  @CrissAngel with his cast of @thesupernaturalistslive last night at the beautiful Carpenter Theater Center Stage for a surprise appearance for an equally surprised crowd!  "Imagine yourself jammed head foremost in a cell filled with water, your hands & feet unable to move & your shoulders tightly lodged in this imprisonment. I believe it is the climax of all my studies & labors. Never will I be able to construct anything that will be more dangerous or difficult for me to do." -Harry Houdini- History lesson: Today marks the 103 anniversary debut of his creation. The original Chinese Water Torture Cell was built in England in 1911. Houdini first performed the escape for an audience on September 21, 1912 at the Circus Busch in Berlin, Germany.  Soooo this just happened at @thecounterburger here in NJ (post matinee performance of The Supernaturalists & gym session). You can build your own burger. Don't have to tell me twice: 1 pound organic Bison (first 1lb burger ordered today apparently) w/ sunny side egg, avocado, bacon, mushrooms, grilled pineapple & horseradish cheddar. All on top of a bed of quinoa, kale & spinach. With a side of sweet potato fries of course. Plate licked clean. Server automatically brings me my check. I ask her for a dessert menu. She looks at me dumbfounded & says "I assumed you were done." Nope. Downed an order of apple cobbler on top it at all. Needless to say, satisfied. #foodcoma #postworkout #iworkoutsoicaneatwhatiwant #cholesterolisgoodforyou #fatismyfriend #alltheprotein #flexibledieting #foodporn #food #nomnom #stillhaveabs  Just wrapped up the final show here at The State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ with The Supernaturalists. Many thanks to the enthusiastic crowds! Great start for the tour!  Less than 2 hours till @thesupernaturalistslive kickoff our first of four shows here at The State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ - Sep.18-20th. And yes, I will be attempting my underwater "Submerged" escape in tonight's show!  Be sure to tune into ABC @nightline tonight at 1230am EST to see my interview with @jujuchangabc in regards to my accident (pre & post) yesterday in front of the State Theater here in New Jersey.  "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. If you're not pushing the envelope & trying new things, you really aren't trying that hard." Apologies again for the scare. Many thanks to all for the countless notes & messages of care, concern & support from my family, friends & fans. Your love makes me strong. For those of you that have taken the opposite route over the last 24 hours, your words & comments simply make me unstoppable.  No caption needed. #911 #newyork #neverforget #reflection #heroes #usa #america  #motivationmonday #motivation #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #like #life #follow #truth #struggle #success #talent  #EscapeArtistProblems When the heater for my underwater escape accidentally gets turned up to jacuzzi temperature & you find out during performance. How my pasty white skin looks after becoming a #humanlobster  Rephrased - ignorance is a choice. #motivation #motivationmonday #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby  "If you don't love yourself, you'll always be chasing after people who don't love you either." #motivation  Zinnia: The fearless little monster couldn't help but be curious as to what daddy was doing. Once she decided he was ok it was time for kisses. Happy National Dog Day! #EscapeArtistProblems  We're back! After a record breaking run at Foxwoods Casino & Resort, The Supernaturalists are coming to a city near you! 15 cities announced with many more to come! Tickets on sale now through www.TheSupernaturalists.com/tour  After a successful run at @Foxwoods with @thesupernaturalistslive , many of you have been wondering when & where we would be appearing next. Big announcement in regards to the tour (yes tour) and the future of the show tomorrow! Stay tuned! #thesupernaturalists #crissangel #MagicRevolution #magicshow #magic #spencerhorsman #escapeartist #like #followme #follow


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Spencer Horsman

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